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YahooNetwork($YAHOO) is 1-to-1 pegged tokens. Thanks to their inter-connected nature, the YahooNetwork can trustlessly enforce the wrapping/unwrapping of ptokens from any crypto asset into any blockchain. We call this process yTokenization..

YahooNetwork itself is the mother of all coins that exist today. Therefore, we also rely on YahooNetwork to create the current euphoria of the market but with new sophistication and much more complete protocols and features.

We combine YahooNetwork with the current developments, namely protocol, Defi, swap and NFT. thus, YahooNetwork is an asset that deserves to be valued the higher in the future and is worthy of long-term storage like YahooNetwork.

Smart Contract in our Protocol – open-source on Github

We make it easy for all Token developers who want to use our protocol. for that we feature open-source on GitHub and our support system will help as much as we can provide what is needed. We invite all developers who see the opportunity from YahooNetwork to join us and create win-win solutions with all customers.

Environmentally Friendly

We have shifted to New Method to our blockchain where it is designed to be Environment friendly, the blockchain will run on the server constantly and also the block is automatically printed, without using a single party to run it.

The New Method in our blockchain will continue run on the server without having to active computer for 24 hours , It is so environment friendly.

Low fees and fast transfer

In line with the development of public knowledge about crypto. It requires a low fee to make it easier for new users to enjoy easy and fast transactions. Likewise, large institutions carry out millions of transactions a day, thus our initial goal was to provide the lowest possible fee.

Every YahooNetwork transaction or token registered on YahooNetworkChain is subject to a very low fee starting from 1 GWEI, this is the best offer from the YahooNetworkchain protocol network.

Friendly Wallets

Our wallet address is very user friendly, YahooNetworkchain is a fork of ethereum, where the ethereum wallet can function as a recipient / sender of YahooNetwork Assets, coins or tokens under our network.

The use of this simple wallet is a new breakthrough in the world of crypto- currency, where people don't have to bother creating wallet addresses over and over again.

Cross-Chain Transaction

The YahooNetworkchain network can be connected to various protocols with a bridge system built using smart contracts.

Crosschain transactions in our blockchain run transparently, openly and can be monitored by anyone, this is to ensure transactions run openly and transparently.


In our YahooNetworkchain network developers can build their own government through YahooNetwork20 smart contracts, such as staking, lending, borrowing, etc, by deploying their smart contracts into our network.